You Need The Answer To This Question

Are you willing to take some hits to get out of the food... to skin your knees a little bit...

... so you can develop a new skill, form a new outlook?

Follow these five steps to learn ANYTHING:

  1. Impact - Get excited about it! Know why it's important for you to learn it. Bring this importance up in your mind for a few seconds every single time you go to study or learn it.
  2. Repetition - Repeat it as many times as you can. Repetition is the mother of all learning/achievement.
  3. Utilization - Use it as often as possible, apply it to how you live your life and to situations that you face.
  4. Internalization - Make it yours. Allow it to become part of you, and allow yourself to become part of it. 
  5. Reinforcement - Keep applying the basics of what got you here. If you walk away from those methods, you'll slowly corrode your skills and un-develop. 

Don't Be Afraid To Fail! You've Done Hard Things!


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