The School Of Starting Over

Start again....

As many times as you have to!

Don't look for perfection... take imperfect action!

Remember... repetition is the mother of all learning!

About two weeks ago my daughter Willow fell of a playground structure. 

She fell from about 8 feet up and her face struck the structure and then the mulch on the ground. Her eye swelled instantly and her face was puffy... but do you want to know what she wanted to do more than anything else?

She wanted to conquer that structure... she had to prove it to herself that she could do it.

We took a step back and let her enroll herself in the school of starting over, and as a result, she had a puffy face and swollen eye for a week, but she was a proud little girl.

She did it!



Watch Anna's Quick Video... It's Important

School is in session... are you willing to start over?

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Judy Childers

Thank you for reminder.

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