Conditioned To Crave

Have you ever felt guilty and ashamed because you just couldn't stop your uncontrollable cravings?

Maybe you feel like you're to blame... like you should know better?

After all, you've accomplished so much in your life... maybe you raised children and got them through college, or maybe you acquired an advanced degree while managing a family as a single parent... maybe you got through burying someone close to you...

You've done incredible things... 

So it's time to stop the blame and shame game!


You have a brain problem... it's not a moral issue!

These foods have rewired your brain... you've become conditioned to crave.



Robin jones

Thank you I need to keep reminding myself that I'm an addict and it take time foor new habits!

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This is a powerful message and I’m glad to be reminded of it. I have done incredible things. But i am very good at ignoring and discounting all that, and can be consumed with negativity about myself, my weight, what I don’t do well…every day I have to remind myself that i can understand all the forces driving my behaviours, take control, and be kind to myself, and to myself..

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