Recovery Protection, Stupid Plans and More

I was so excited to be interviewed by Shun Forman for the 9th Annual Kick Sugar Summit!

Shun and I go way back... actually she was a participant in the very first sugar addiction group I ever ran. 

We dove right into some of my favorite topics... Recovery Protection, Stupid Plans, and Connection is Protection... it's all about staying stopped, No Matter What!

If you know you're an addict, or you think you might be one, this video is for you! 

I recently heard from an addict who watched this video and it totally opened up her mind to recovery. When I asked her what it was that made everything change for her, she told me, "It was when you said: When I shake my family tree, a bunch of addicts just fall out." This woman joined our Circle Membership, and is now more than 40 days clean! 

That's a very powerful thing... when you plug yourself into the right support with the right people, amazing things happen!

Let me know what you think of the interview!!!


Carol Hebl

Awesome message, Dave.  Heard you loud and clear.  Thank you for being here with us and for us. 

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david wolfe

@Carol Hebl I came for me, but I will stay for you!

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